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Spiritual Alchemy

Empowering organizations and individuals to rediscover, embrace, and activate their spirituality.

For leaders, seekers, & anyone who wants to live a more fulfilled life

It’s my belief that everyone has a spiritual connection. You may have known that connection at some point in your life, maybe a long time ago, but have lost it. You may have known it and rejected it because of a bad experience with religion. You may never have known it. But it’s likely you’re seeking it. You wouldn’t be reading these words if you weren’t!

Spiritual Alchemy can help you, if you’re ready, to connect with Spirit in a way that will transform your life and work.

This work is for anyone who’s seeking justice and liberation, whether in the nonprofit, public or private sectors, individuals or organizations.

Broaden and deepen your pathway to Spirit

Because the path to Spirit is profoundly personal, each experience with Spiritual Alchemy is different.

I will work with you to develop the program that’s right for you, guided always by the principles of joy, integrity, and nonjudgement.

Some of the programs I offer include:

Intensive Sacred Space Circle Retreat

(4) 3-day retreats over 12 months in an intimate group of fellow seekers.
Group size: 8 - 12 people. Includes lodging and healthy meals prepared by our chef.

Sacred Space Weekend Retreat

2-day retreat for groups and individuals. Either a weekend away with lodging and meals or a commuter experience with breakfast and lunch.


Half day or full day


for groups or individuals

Speaking engagement

Including keynote


For groups or individuals

The Spiritual Alchemy experience

These are the essential elements of working with Spiritual Alchemy:

Safe, sacred space

Spirit only presents when it’s safe. Through my experience and my own Spirit guidance, I’ve developed different methods to help create a safe, sacred space. These conditions allow for truth telling, unmasking, and risk taking that guide you to your own deep knowing. 

Respect for your journey

I’ll encourage you, even challenge you, to go past where you feel comfortable, but I will always respect your process and journey. Ultimately, you are in control. You are the seeker. I am merely the guide.

Circle of community

For groups, the sacred circle is an essential element. The circle facilitates deep listening and trust. Within this circle, I act as guide for discussions, illumination, meditations, and ritual. 

Accessible spirituality

Spirit is available to anyone. Sometimes it just takes the right method. We may use journaling, breathing exercises, art, poetry, movement, and storytelling. All of these activities are intended to help you bypass the intellect and get straight to the heart and gut, where wisdom resides.

A conscious, nurturing guide

As you access your inner wisdom, I help you interpret it and see how you can apply it to your life and work to increase your wholeness and fulfillment in a profound and lasting way.

Learn more

If you’re ready to bring new vitality to your life’s purpose, let’s talk. We’ll quickly know if this is the right path for both of us.

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