The power of Spiritual Alchemy

“I feel deeply grateful to have participated in the joy-filled, listening-rich, community-connected experience of Spiritual Alchemy. Because of it, I am leading with more congruence, more power, more joy, less fear, and deeper connection to my soul.”

Klarrisa Oh
Education Director, Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors in Service

“ML's Spiritual Alchemy has been one of the most important experiences of my life. ML creates a caring, generative, and thought-provoking environment where people connect to one another and to their spiritual selves. Spiritual Alchemy has taught me that in movements, as in our daily lives, interconnection is an essential spiritual practice. I have learned new ways of loving, being loved, creating positive impact with others, and truly enjoying the practice of being my whole self. Spiritual Alchemy has enriched my life and deepened my organizing and leadership practices for social justice. It is an experience I wish everyone could have.”

Ed Heisler
Co-Executive Director, Men as Peacemakers

“Spiritual Alchemy creates the time and space for infinite growth of our spiritual selves. ML Daniel is a conscious, thoughtful, and glorious guide into sacred spaces, gently uncovering what is already inside all of us. Spiritual Alchemy and ML Daniel embody the divine—through reflection, mutuality, and joy. Highly recommended for anyone in the pursuit of their own humanity and spirituality.”

Kelly Miller
Executive Director, Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence

“ML Daniel and Spiritual Alchemy’s Sacred Space Retreats have blessed my soul with a reintroduction of the Spirit in a profound and life-changing way. This safe and intentional community of beloved people has gifted me with a deeper and freer understanding of the Divine that lives within and around me. This sacred work is made possible through some of the most nurturing facilitation I have experienced and is the launch pad for me to live my most authentic and courageous life.”

Aubrey Thonvold
Executive Director, ReconcilingWorks: Lutherans for Full Participation

“A most amazing, spirit-filled year of deep exploration. Thank you, ML and dear beloved friends!”

Karen Tronsgard-Scott
Executive Director, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence  

“The fabric of who I am, who I will be, and how we weave across shared purposes are altered in ways that really do live up to the name ML has given to her calling.”

Scott Nine
Deputy Director for Strategy and Program, National Public Education Support Fund